9th Biennial Conference: Hangzhou

Report of the 9th Biennial Conference is now available here!!
The Comparative Education Society of Asia
9th Biennial Conference: Hangzhou, 16th-18th May 2014

Theme:  Education, Equality and Social Harmony: Asian Experiences in Comparative Perspective
Host: School of Education, Hangzhou Normal University

The relationship between education and social inequality has aroused increasingly acute concern in many Asian societies over recent years. This conference will invite participants to consider what we can learn from the experiences of developed and developing societies, within Asia and beyond, regarding the relationship between education, equality and stability or ‘harmony’ – both within particular societies, and in their relations with each other. This theme is intended to stimulate debate over what different societies can teach us regarding the balance to be struck between education’s role in promoting economically-relevant ‘skills’, and the other vital roles that it performs – in terms of political socialization, the distribution of opportunity, and the fostering of those capabilities necessary to the pursuit of a fulfilling life.
The conference will feature keynote addresses by the following distinguished scholars:

  • Prof. WANG Yingjie (Beijing Normal University, President of the China Comparative Education Society)
  • Prof. KARIYA Takehiko (University of Oxford; formerly of the University of Tokyo)
  • Prof. Krishna KUMAR (University of Delhi, former Head of the National Council for Educational Research and Training) (to be confirmed)
  • Prof. Paul MORRIS (IOE, University of London; former President of the Hong Kong Institute of Education)

Hangzhou, famous for its scenic West Lake, was the capital of China during the Southern Song Dynasty (1123-1276). Relics of its historic past remain, and the city continues to attract large numbers of domestic and overseas tourists. Conference participants are strongly encouraged to take the opportunity of their visit here to take a day or two before or after the conference to explore the lake and some of the related sights.

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