About CESA

CESA LogoThe Comparative Education Society of Asia (CESA) is an association of educational scholars, throughout Asia and beyond, engaged in the comparative study of educational systems, traditions, and practices. It was created in 1995 with the aim of promoting Comparative Education as a scholarly field across Asia, and lending more prominence to Asian voices in educational debate worldwide. With these ends in view, CESA holds biennial conferences in various Asian locations – including, to date, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Whenever possible, CESA attempts to identify venues in countries which seldom have the opportunity to host major international education conferences, and that therefore stand to gain especially from the opportunity to interact with international scholars that CESA’s conferences provide. CESA is a member of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES), in which its representatives play an active role. In addition to its biennial conferences, the Society plans soon to extend its activities into new areas – for example, by establishing an e-journal.

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CESA chapter by Kengo MOCHIDA, in histories of the WCCES and its member societies. 

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