Biennial Conference


The 11th Biennial Conference: Cambodia.

10th – 12th May 2018

Theme: Education and Social Progress: Insights from Comparative Perspectives.

Host:  Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC)

The 10th Biennial Conference: Manila, Philippines.

28th-30th January 2016

Theme: Diversity in Educational Policy and Practice: Challenges and Opportunities

Host: Henry Sy Bldg., De La Salle University.

The 9th Biennial Conference: Hangzhou, China.

16th-18th May 2014

Theme:  Education, Equality and Social Harmony: Asian Experiences in Comparative Perspective

Host: School of Education, Hangzhou Normal University

The 8th Biennial Conference: Bangkok, Thailand.

8th-11th July 2012

Theme: Education of the Dawn of the New Decade: When the Quality and Sustainability Movement Converge.

Host: Chulalongkorn University

The 7th Biennial Conference:  South Korea.  

11th-13th November 2010

Theme: Diversity, Co-existence and Challenge of Multicultural Education in Asian Countries

Host: Gwangju National University of Education(GNUE)

The 6th Biennial Conference:  Hong Kong, China.  

8th-10th January 2007

Theme: Learning from Each Other in an Asian Century

Host: The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

The 5th Biennial Conference:  Selangor, Malaysia.

30th-31th May 2005

Theme: Education for World Peace: The Asian Context

Host: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor, MALAYSIA

The 4th Biennial Conference: Bandung, Indonesia.

21st-22nd July 2003

Theme: Global Changes and the Role of Education in Asia

Host: Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia

The 3rd Biennial Conference: Taiwan, China


Theme: The Prospects of Asian Education for the New Century

Host: National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan, China)

The 2nd Biennial Conference:  Beijing, China.


Theme: Modernization of Education vs. Cultural Traditions: Prospect of Asian Education in the 21st Century.

Host: Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China)

The 1st Biennial Conference: Tokyo, Japan.

10th-11th December 1996

Theme:  “Asian Perspectives in Education for the 21st Century”

Host: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan